dolly church

→ I'm a London based writer. I'm interested in politics, culture and urban life.
→ You can reach me at [at] gmail or @church_dolly.

selected writing

"Why technology makes us feel like our lives are speeding up", Prospect, Mar 2019.
"Berg, The Weird, and The Eerie", Ploughshares Blog, Jun 2019.
"The Refugee Meritocracy", Current Affairs, Issue 21 , Sept-Oct 2019. In print.
"The Sociopolitical Impact of Christ Stopped at Eboli", Ploughshares Blog, Oct 2019.
"Loitering Objects", Real Life, Nov 2019.
"Back to the Future", Real Life, Jul 2020.
"Through the Aquarium Glass", Lady Science, Jul 2020.
"Stakhanovite Shopping", History Today, March 2021. In print.
"Watching Our Ecosystem Slowly Lose Color", Hyperallergic, Jun 2021.
"The Edward Colston Statue Should Have Been Left in Bristol Harbor", Hyperallergic, Jun 2020.
"Head Games", Real Life, Nov 2021.
"Fun, Games and Extractivism", The Baffler, Nov 2021.
"The Past and Future of Galactic Suburbia", Lady Science, Dec 2021.